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If you came here due to the reddit link, I have moved over to here. The article on Ruby and Haskell appears there, with updates based on some feedback on reddit. I will not be posting to this site in the future. Advertisements

NOTE: I have moved the blog to This post appears there in a more final form, with some updates based on feedback on reddit. To avoid further confusion, I have removed the text from the post here.

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After a couple of false starts at this blogging thing, I’m determined to make a go of it. If nobody but me ever reads this, at least it will be a place for me to put things that I need to remember… Coming next…an article on my excursion into Haskell and its effect on my […]

I’ve found (and stolen from others) a number of tricks over time to make life in IRB and the Rails console (which is just IRB…) a bit easier. Here are a few to start. Saving an object to YAML Periodically, I need to save an object in YAML form. This does the trick – `echo […]