Like the world really needs another blog…

Rubynating is a pun, btw, on "ruminating" . Ruby replaces "rumi"…get it…oh well. Had to name this thing something.
I've been developing software in one form or the other since the early eighties, although unlike many that I work with, I was actually an adult at that point :-).

After spending quite a few years as a professional musician and recording engineer, I went back to school and completed BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering. Since then, I've worked in software for a living. At this point I've done just about everything: requirements / product management, development (engineering, architecture, management), QA and support management. I'm currently the CTO of a startup, and continue to do consulting in development and QA.

Why a blog? Mostly because when I discover something new about Ruby or Rails, I need a place to record it so that I can find it again. I'm at that age where I can watch the original Star Trek episodes that I've seen a thousand times and get surprised at the ending, so writing stuff down is a necessity.

My current focus is Ruby and Ruby On Rails, which we adopted for my new company over Java and .NET. I hope to record my experiences on this blog, and maybe help others along the way.


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